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Our Work

World Education Mali provides capacity building and advisory services at the national, regional, and local levels. The team engages the Ministry of Education in multiple ways, including:
  • Supporting development and implementation of effective curriculum and teacher training modules
  • Supporting operational growth of regional nongovernmental organizations and education academies
  • Garnering support in collaborative participation at the community level

World Education also supports local NGOs in the strategic implementation of development goals. By transferring knowledge to a Malian network of organizations and by increasing its capacity, World Education promotes sustainable, community-driven development.

Innovative Approach: Sanmogoya

Adultes at school
Women learning in the "Sanmogoya" program.

In order to strengthen community participation, World Education Mali implements a literacy approach called Sanmogoya, an action-focused methodology using content that is relevant to each community's needs and priorities. Trainers use active teaching techniques which enable participants to learn how to read, write, and calculate through a problem-solving process aimed at helping them solve concrete issues. The methodology is used to teach both men and women, but an underlying theme promoting girls' access to education permeates the modules.

This integrated literacy program aims to:

  • improve functioning of the school management structures
  • increase transparency in school management
  • create leadership roles for women in school management structures
  • assemble a reserve of interested women to work in the school management offices
  • support girls' enrollment and retention at school
  • ensure better monitoring of children's academic work

Educational initiatives are currently delivered through five projects:

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